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One True Trio

My Fanfiction Recommendations v. 0.8

My Fanfiction Recommendation List
(mostly femslash)
Version 0.8 (Oct 3, 2008)

I enjoy finding other peoples recommendation lists and exploring them, so I thought I would create one myself.  This list will be organized by fandom and then pairing, in roughly the order I found them over the last 18 months or so.  This is also very much a work in progress, so I expect to add stories as I find and or remember them, and feel free to mention additional works I may have overlooked in the comments. 

I need to make a couple of warnings before we continue.   I'm not going to put warning labels on each link, so be aware that any link may lead to content that is non-work safe.  Most of the stories linked here feature romantic and/or sexual interactions between two (or, occasionally, more) women, if you are underage or this is illegal where you live, please use your browser's back button and come back when you're old enough or have moved to a location where this is legal.  Also, some of these stories are either abandoned or not yet complete.  I will try to mention this where appropriate.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


My first major pairing, and still a favorite.  This pairing has attracted a number of superb writers and has perhaps the most extensive catalogue of any femslash pairing out there (with the possible exception of Xena/Gabrielle).  Good general links to start with are:
The Kitten, The Witches and the Bad Wardrobe - http://www.thekittenboard.com/board/
Through the Looking Glass - http://alia.customer.netspace.net.au/glass.htm
The Mystic Muse's Willow/Tara page - http://mysticmuse.net/pairings/willtara.htm

The Sidestep Chronicle & Second Sidestep Chronicle by Katharyn Rosser:  An epic in every sense of the word, this AU tale set in the Wishverse is just filled with wonderful images and moments.   Make sure you have some real free time before you start this as it is very long.  http://thekittenboard.com/board/viewtopic.php?t=3095

The Dark Rose by Dark Magic Willow
Probably my favorite Dark Willow story.  Starts 19 years after the end of season 6 and takes it from there. 

Terra Firma by Tulipp
Season 7 as it could have been, with Tara's return.  Very well written, particularly the elemental imagery from the last several chapters.

W/T Season 3 Y'all and Paths/Diverged/Divulged by JustSkipIt
This series starts with Willow's parents sending her to a boarding school for her senior year where she meets a certain someone.  Both stories are lovely.

Missionary Position by JustSkipIt
Short and delightfully naughty. 

Catching Sunflowers in Bloom by MissKittys Ball O Yarn
A very sweet story that brilliantly captures the feel of summer.  Highly Recommended.

Smut Bunnies by Chris Cook
AU inspired by James Bond, Get Smart, etc.  Delightfully witty and very hot.

Random Monsters by Chris Cook
Another short and sweet AU, set in a generic RPG dungeon.

Neverland by EasierSaid
A brilliant AU tale set in San Francisco, and featuring a great deal of misunderstandings and near misses.  Very well written, but as of this writing not yet finished.

Common Areas by Watty
An AU inspired by the same Korean movie that inspired The Lake House.  Lovely and touching.

Season 4 Behind the Scenes by SpikeMe4Now
A lovely and often very hot take on all of the parts of Willow and Tara's romance that we didn't get to see in Season 4.

My other favorite pairing from this fandom.  I've been a believer ever since the first time I looked for subtext in “Welcome to the Hellmouth,”  even though they backed off from that level for a while, there are indications in the Season 8 comics that suggest that Joss may be planning on making this pairing canon.  General Links include:
I Kindof Love You 2 - http://www.ikoly2.com/fanfiction/index.php
The Wiffy Forums - http://www.wiffyforums.net/
The Pink Rabbit Consortium's Buffy page - http://www.altfic.com/subtextfic/rlbuffy.htm

Life is Short by theBear
The story more than any other that made me a believer in this pairing.  Its not that long, but it does the most successful job of any fic I've yet read at turning the obvious attraction between Buffy and Willow in Welcome to the Hellmouth into a romance.

Everyone Else Could See It by theBear
A relatively short, but delightful take on a Season 4 romance.

Essence of the Hellmouth by Wispr
Willow is killed by the Hellmouth Beast at the end of season 1.  But she returns changed.  Unfinished but very good so far.

Switcherooney by Alicorn
Faith tries to do Buffy and Willow a favor with unexpected results.

Brush Up on Your Shakespeare by Kirayoshi
Willow has a class project to film some scenes from the Bard and drafts the Scoobies to act them.  Funny and sweet.

Making Sense & Making Plans by CN Winters
Set several years post-Chosen.  Buffy and Willow come to terms with some truths.

Ghost by Sailor80
6 years after Chosen Buffy is still lost.  A brilliant piece, highly recommended.

The dynamics of threesomes are tricky to do well, but can be very rewarding.  This is my personal favorite, both because it has inspired several good stories, and because it allows me to have both Willow/Tara and Willow/Buffy without having to choose between them.  My OTT (One True Trio).
General Links:
theBear's Willow/Buffy/Tara archive - http://www.papa-bear.com/Wuffara/Fanfic/Fanfic.html
The Mystic Muse's Threesomes Page - http://mysticmuse.net/pairings/threesomes.htm

The Red Moon series by Frau Hunter Ash
Oz returns evil and catalyses a long chain of events.  A crossover with The X-files and Werewolf the apocalypse.  A bit on the angsty side and the first story is probably the best of them.

Rising from the Wreckage by the Mega Witches Round Robin
Sadly unfinished, but what is done is wonderful.

Life is Sweet by Kirayoshi
Buffy becomes the go-between when Willow and Tara have a fight, forcing her to think about her own feelings for Willow.  Told from Buffy's POV.

The Third Power by Kirayoshi
In a desperate attempt to save Buffy from a nasty demon, Willow and Tara unleash a spell whose long-term consequences will change the lives of all three women. Sequel to Life is Sweet.

A New Beginning by David Knapton
Buffy has to come to terms with her relationship with Willow and Tara now that Kellem has helped bring her back after she had sacrificed herself for Dawn.  A loose sequel to Shehulk's Once there was a demon, but it can be read independently.

The Power of Three by DragonWriter17
Summary: After Oz leaves Sunnydale, Willow turns to best friend, Buffy, and new friend, Tara, for comfort, resulting in a remarkable new relationship for all three. Amidst the daily dangers of life on the Hellmouth, the three women forge bravely ahead, unaware that their relationship has been predestined.

The Power of Three Book Two by DragonWriter17
Summary: With the resident evils at all-time low, Buffy and Willow and Tara have time to focus on themselves – both on their new relationship and on their new powers. As they discuss the prospects of moving in together, an intriguing buy at an estate sale brings an unexpected result. Sadly unfinished.

Mainly of note for this story.

Vampire Stories by Crys Loch
The original trio get turned post-Chosen.  In many ways a truly brilliant story, which is sadly unfinished.  It might have been even stronger as a Willow/Buffy only tale.  Found at the bottom of the linked page.

The third of the obvious femslash pairings from the first 4 seasons and blessed with a very active fan community.  General Links include:
BuffynFaith.net - http://buffynfaith.net/

Je Me Souviens by Queen Zulu
My personal favorite for this pairing, although most of her work is of a very high quality.

And Live Forever by Barnabas
A sequel to the Faith/Dawn story Chasing the Past.  Very well written, and gives its fairly dark predecessor a happy ending.

A pairing that is often overshadowed by its more popular rivals, but boasting some excellent work regardless.  The most significant writer is probably the prolific Kinetic-Kid.

New Paths by Kinetic-Kid
Probably my favorite of the Kid's stories.  Their first date is a classic.

Ink-Blots by Vixen-Raign
What if Buffy and Tara had a history from Hemery.  Delightfully developed.

All a Circle by Pat Kelly
A post-Chosen take on this pairing, with Tara getting a brief reprieve from death.

Someone Different by Pat Kelly
What if Buffy went to the Wicca group meeting with Willow, a favorite.

Another pairing with a smaller community, it is often included as a secondary pairing in works focusing on one of the more popular pairings.

Racing the Past by Barnabas
Post-Chosen - Faith encounters a face from her past, and discovers she isn't the only one trying to outrun personal demons. 

Have a Little Faith and The Special Two by Drakiri
Another post-Chosen story, epic length and sadly unfinished.  Faith and Dawn have a abortive relationship in Rome, and then reconnect several years later.

Less than Real by Queen Zulu
A brilliant short.  Highly recommended.

A very rare pairing, but a personal favorite when it appears.

Forbidden Fruit by BettySwollocs
A short and clever oneshot.

Change of Seasons by X
An epic for an unusual pairing.  Quite enjoyable.

The Devil Wears Prada

An oddball favorite.  This is a pairing that by rights should be squicky because of the difference in age (~25 years) and the difference in power between the two of them, but isn't.  This is a very prolific fandom and has inspired a number of classic stories.  General links include:
The DWP Livejournal Community - http://community.livejournal.com/dvlwears_prada
The DWP section at Passion & Perfection - http://www.ralst.com/storiesDWP.html
That's All (story listing maintained by crypticrain) - http://crypticrain.com/dwp/index.html

Truth and Measure by Telanu
THE epic DWP fic for the moment, although several other stories by Telanu herself and other authors come close.  Andy doesn't leave Miranda in Paris and it becomes a wonderful slow burn romance. 

Too Long Have We Tarried by Telanu
A delightful takeoff on and expansion of The Last Good Name's A Failure to Communicate.

The X Ingredient by Telanu
An  unfinished tale in which Miranda's assistants have been secretly performing oral sex on her as part of their duties.  When Andy is asked to do so, she complies, but with consequences that change everything.  Very much NC-17.

When in Doubt Wear Red by The Last Good Name
Another classic that starts with Andy not leaving Miranda in Paris.

A Failure to Communicate by The Last Good Name
You never ask Miranda anything.  A short and very funny marriage crackfic.

The Small Favors Series by Harriet
A wonderful sequence that starts with Andy and Miranda trading favors after the movie. 

Incomprehensible Desire by Eveh/JustAnotherPsuedonym
Post-Paris, Andy finds herself entering Miranda's life again and Miranda finds herself letting her.  Subtle, delightful, and currently unfinished.

Nate's Fault by Mercury
A relatively brief piece, set mostly as missing scenes from the movie, but quite fun.

Five Times Miranda Priestly Tells the Truth by chainofclovers
I usually don't like 5 times fics, but this is wonderful and gave me a huge smile by the time I finished it. A bit on the fluffy side, but highly recommended anyway.

The Trouble with Coffee by 2Demented Muses
Another post-movie epic and a personal favorite.

Star Trek: Voyager

Janeway/Seven of Nine
Voyager had some problems, but it produced some great fanfiction, particularly for this pairing.

The Just Between . . . Series by Gina L. Dartt
The Epic story for this fandom so far.  Set aside some serious time for reading this one as it is of substantial length.  Not all of the sections are at the highest level, and her rule that each section must have at least one sex scene occasionally feels a bit forced, but overall a fantastic story.

The Four Pips Club by Tenderware
A very funny and somewhat metatextual story where Janeway discovers that she is the star of a fanfiction community within Voyager.  Tenderware gently mocks some of the fanfiction tropes, including one of her own stories, even while embracing the joys of fandom too.

Rules of the Game by Bailey B
A post-Endgame classic, well written, a bit angsty.  Can be found here:
along with 16 Hours which is also recommended.

Campus by Anik la Chev
An uber tale set in contemporary European academia.  Excellent and borders on being an original fic.

Game's End by Anik la Chev
Another excellent post-Endgame tale.

Harry Potter


Crazy Little Things by Drieser  A delightful story distinguished by a superb characterization of Luna and some very graceful prose, in progress as of this writing:  http://dreiser.livejournal.com/tag/hermione/luna

Ginny Weasley/Pansy Parkinson

Matching Muff Matrimony by eloiselovelace
Hilarious crackfic that also manages to be fairly sweet.  Probably the funniest thing I've read in this fandom yet.

Veronica Mars

A neglected pairing despite the popular source material and the characters obvious joy when they  spend time together.

Untitled Series by Cleversimon
A short, but delightful sequence of stories.  The first in particular is superb.  Sadly, this appears to be the author's only foray into fanfic.

Kim Possible


The Unacceptable Sitch series by Allaine:  A lot of fun, and full of plot complications:

Realizing Truths by Rin Leonhart:  Kim has a problem with Ron and goes to Shego for help, very cute:

Stargate SG-1


Shifting Views  and Beginnings by Calle Dybedahl
Set during and after Points of View, following Samantha Carter from the the SG-1 universe back to her own and her interactions with her counterpart and Janets from both universes.


Dr. Jackson's Diary by Anais
I rarely read or recommend guyslash, but this is both kindof sweet and very very funny.  I wish I could find the works of Jennifer de Courcey in the real world.  It can be found on the Wayback Machine here. http://web.archive.org/web/20051219124402/www.versaphile.com/anais/index2.asp

The Incredibles


Vanishing Love by A. Markov:  Set a few years after the movie, both sweet and an interesting exploration of that world:  http://www.devianthearts.com/viewstory.php?sid=1135

The X-Files


The Phases of Fire by Sharon Bowers  (X-over with Silence of the Lambs)
I rarely enjoy stories with serial killers in them, but this is an exception.  They make a great couple, the mystery aspect is well presented, and the characterization is excellent.  Highly recommended.


Devil Wears Prada Fiction


Loved your recommendation list on the Devil Wears Prada fiction and from this have found Truth and Measure which is super! Do you happen to have an up-to-date link for 'The Trouble with Coffee' by 2Demented Muses?.



Re: Devil Wears Prada Fiction

I'm so glad you liked the list. You're one of three or four people ever who seem to have noticed it. Sadly, my google-fu hasn't yet found an updated link, and after searching for that I discovered that I had somehow failed to save the story to my hard drive, so I need a copy as well.

After a little looking around at the tDWP LJ community here: http://community.livejournal.com/dvlwears_prada
I discovered that the wayback machine had indexed both pages, so you can find them here:
and here: